HR Transformation

Policy Lead: Yvonne Skingle

Executive Search and Selection
Mobile: 07817418039

A few minutes with.... Yvonne Skingle

Q: What makes you have a good day at work?

A: Working as part of a professional team who have fun doing a variety of positive things ………..delivering for our clients.

Q: Couldn't live without... (3 / 4 things)

A: Holidays, retail therapy, my family and friends and handbags!

Q: Room 101…(3/4 things you pet hate / dislike)

A: Slugs, hairy moths, bureaucracy, ‘we have always done it this way!’

Q: What does being a member of PPMA means to you?

A: Having colleagues I can share and discuss professional and thought leadership issues with; meeting a wide range of interesting people across the sectors who have a common purpose.

Q: What words would you use to describe a world class HR function?

A: Relevance (to the customer); solutions focused and responsive


Deputy Policy Lead: Shane Lynch
Head of HR Shared Services - London Borough of Islington

A few minutes with.... Shane Lynch

Q: What makes you have a good day at work?

A: If neither of my children are up in the night Daddy tends to have a good day at work! Add in some chocolate and copious amounts of tea for a perfect day.

Q: Couldn't live without:

A: Blackberry, Man United, Beer, Family (not necessarily in that order!).

Q: Room 101...

A: Moaners, Liverpool FC, Airports, Ryanair, Mr Tumble (childrens TV, I see too much of him)

Q: What does being a member of PPMA means to you?

A: Professional development, promoting/sharing best practice, a voice for our sector

Q: What words would you use to describe a world class HR function?

A: Enthusiastic, proactive, customer focussed, flexible, results oriented

Deputy Policy Lead: Richard Billingham
Service Director, Human Resources - Bristol City Council


Introduction to the Network

The PPMA HR Transformation Network has been set up to enable public sector HR professionals to consider how the HR function itself needs to adapt and change to respond to the different challenges that the sector faces. The Network has been around for about five years now. Initially our focus was on the modernisation of HR functions, the adoption of business partners and the separation of transactional functions. That was at a time when Ulrich was still leading-edge thinking in public sector HR. Things have of course moved on dramatically and whilst the principles behind Ulrich do still have their place, the focus at the moment is on ensuring that HR functions in the public sector are able to respond to the tremendous challenges they face to reduce their own cost and to play an appropriate part in the broad transformation of their organisations.

HR in the public sector needs to be fit-for-purpose. It does of course have to demonstrate its ability to operate at the lowest possible cost, but it must be at the heart of change as we strive in the public sector to deliver services at lower costs. The focus is on new structures and roles, increasing the productivity of the workforce and on rewarding performance. Collaboration must feature strongly going forward, whether that is sharing, working together around outsourcing, or merely working together to share and develop best practice. The Network seeks to reflect in the work that it does the needs of organisations of different sizes; small District Councils, as much as large Government Departments.

The Network holds three or four meetings a year, where we seek to showcase examples of new, interesting or good practice from the public sector and to provoke debate around the challenges we face and how we can work together to find solutions. The Network have played a big part in developing the information contained in the “Knowledge” part of this new website, reflecting its desire to play a part in sharing best practice and working together.

If you wish to get involved with the Network please contact:


Post Event Information on PPMA Event:

The Unspoken Truths about Shared Services Event - 25th July 2012

As the first in our series of workshops around the ‘unspoken truths’ of our profession we had a range of shared services practitioners giving their honest and trusted views about the softer side of shared services. It was a really good and open event with participants hearing from a number of colleagues and sharing experience.

We will be running a second workshop at a venue in the North of England in October to get further perspectives on the shared services national and local debate.

If you would be interested in joining us for this session please contact or

Presentations from debate

Tony Lascelles PPMA shared services final presentation

Amanda Attfield GOSS HR Challenges Presentation

Dilys Wynn PPMA - so you think you have a business case

Article in The MJ - The unspoken truth about shared services


At the last networking session for the PPMA HR Transformation workstream in November 2011 – we had an interactive session with three key suppliers on the impact of social media – a hot topic for us all.

I think we all need to really give some thought to the impact of technology as it’s here to stay.

My friend’s eleven year old has an IPad with homework Apps so how will this impact on our talent management in a few years?

Many thanks for those who attended the session and here are the presentations for those of you who were unable to make it this time.

Presentations from 3rd November meeting :

Robert Fox, Account Executive, UK & Middle East, LinkedIn

Frank Durrell, Head of Digital,TMP Worldwide

Lauren Bishop, Orion Partners


East of England Regional PPMA event 8th and 9th December 2011 –‘ The Digital World – Are You Ready for it’?

Many thanks to Orion Partners, Linked-In and TMP Worldwide for their support on a session around Social Media and the Digital World at the East of England Regional event – well received.

If any of the other regions are interested in a session on this, please let me know -



Lessons learnt – 10 tips for setting up a HR Shared Service Centre. Learn the lessons from someone who knows.

Shane Lynch, PPMA Deputy Lead Officer for HR Transformation gives his top tips on providing shared services for HR – to view the article which is published in the MJ Magazine on 26 Jan 2012 – click here


HR Transformation - 2013 Annual Report

HR Transformation - 2012 Annual Report

HR Transformation - 2011 Annual Report

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