South West

Joint Regional Chairs:

Julie Biggs, Head of HR Services, Southwest One

Tel: 07919 540250

Sue Wiltshire, Head of HR, Torbay Council

Tel: 01803 207361

Vice Chair

Sonia Grewal, Head of People Development, Swindon Borough Council

Tel: 07823525459

A joint event with the PPMA South-West region and South West Councils took place on 24th February 2016. This was one of a number of regional events being organised by the Policy Board as a follow-up to the 2015 Annual Seminar held in Bristol, with the theme of “Past, Present and Future”. A number of sponsors presented at the event helping to promote inclusion for those who were not able to attend the seminar, and to increase exposure and interaction between PPMA members and sponsors. Copies of the presentations can be found here:

Future proofing the Public Sector - Jobsgopublic Presentation

Mind the Gender Pay Gap - EY Presentation

Future People Practices - LGA Presentation

The Future of HR – Using Strategic Workforce Planning to Manage in an Age of Uncertainty - Mercer Presentation

Recruiting for difficult to fill roles - TMP Worldwide Presentation

Public Sector People Managers Association (PPMA) and South West Councils Regional Forum – 2nd December 2015

The Long Room, Somerset County Cricket Club, Taunton, TA1 1JT




Contributor / facilitator


Coffee / Tea Arrival







Dawn Aunger, PPMA and Ian Morgan, South West Councils




10.05 – 11.35am

Devolution – HR Implications

Richard Mycroft, Hay Group




11.35 – 11.50am

Coffee and Networking





11.50am – 1.20pm

English speaking requirements in public service - consultation with local authorities

Caitlin O’Kelly, Civil Service Human Resources




1.20 – 2.00pm

Buffet Lunch and Networking

Dawn Aunger, PPMA and Ian Morgan, South West Councils





Addressing the Local Government Pay Challenges

Mark Williams, Bristol City Council






Future Events & Plenary

Dawn Aunger, PPMA and Ian Morgan, South West Councils







In these challenging times, it is even more important that we work together on people management issues facing the public sector and bring to bear our collective power and influence.

As your Regional Chair I will with your support:

  • Commit time and energy in support of PPMA and the South West Region
  • Champion South West Region at PPMA Board
  • Continue to develop how we work together and share experience and knowledge
  • Facilitate change regionally and nationally to achieve PPMA objectives
  • Increase the profile of PPMA regionally and nationally
  • Enjoy being part of the PPMA network

PPMA South West Network

The South West PPMA HR practitioners Network has been set up to enable public sector HR professionals to consider how the HR function itself needs to adapt and change and respond to the different challenges that the sector faces.

HR in the public sector continually needs to demonstrate it is fit-for-purpose. It does of course have to demonstrate its ability to operate at the lowest possible cost, but it must be at the heart of change. The focus is on new structures and roles, increasing the productivity of the workforce and on rewarding performance. Collaboration must feature strongly, whether that is working together in partnerships, shared services or outsourcing, or merely working together to share and develop best practice. The PPMA South West Network seeks to reflect in the work that it does to meet the needs of organisations of different sizes.

The Network intends to hold three or four meetings a year in collaboration with South West Employers, where we will seek to showcase examples of new, interesting good people practice from the public sector and to provoke debate around the challenges we face and how we can work together to find solutions, reflecting its desire to play a part in working more effectively together.

Up and Coming Opportunities to share and learn

Recent meetings:

Friday, 22nd February 2013

Excellent event in Taunton, fantastic attendance with great presentations, discussion and debate – many thanks to the regional team for support especially Rita Sammons and Mark Grimley, presenters Kelvin Cheatle and Gary Hay from Capsticks (who also very kindly sponsored the event), and Daniel Hibbert from Mercers. It was also great so be supported by so many PPMA Board Members Louise Tibbert, Dilys Wynn and Richard Crouch. Many thanks you our PPMA members who joined us. See attached pictures.












Daniel Hibbert - Presentation

Kelvin Cheatle - Presentation

Pay and Reward - Presentation


Thursday 23rd May – another great joint event in Taunton–many thanks to the presenters and PPMA members who supported:

Richard Crouch, President PPMA - Positioning Ourselves for the Future







Jon Dilling, Associate Partner – Introducing






Rob Smith, Thinking Engineer, Go Mad Thinking - ‘Different Thinking: Different Results’







South West PPMA presentation - May 2013 - Gomad thinking from PPMA - Public Sector People Managers' Association


South West Regional Seminar dates 2013 – We have arranged dates for regional events for 2013

  • Thursday 12th September – Taunton
  • Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December – Taunton

We are planning the events now and would like to get your thoughts on what topics you want to discuss or hear about – e-mail or call me 01225 718266 - Barry Pirie,


External HR/Local Government News


What do you want in the region?

As your regional chair of PPMA South West I want to hear from you – what you want to see in the region, what support do you need from PPMA, how can the south west can influence national debate and HR professional thinking........etc

Hopefully see some of you at the events above and would love to hear from you by e-mail or phone or on Twitter – For daily updates, discussion, personal opinion, comment or just to connect or keep in touch you can follow me on Twitter at:

Barry Pirie
Regional Chair

A few quotes

  • Thought of the week – "'Good' is the enemy of 'Great.'" - Jim Collins

  • Today’s quotes – "Do not conquer the world with force, for force only causes resistance." (Tao TeChing)

  • Why are you going to choose failure when success is an option? - Jillian Michaels

  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) thought of the day - Whatever you perceive outside of you i.e. people, events, circumstances they are all a projection of inside you.


Annual Reports

South West Annual Report 2013

South West 2012 Annual Report

South West 2011 Annual Report

Julie Biggs

South West Regional Chair - Julie Biggs

Head of HR Services Southwest One 07919 540250

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